Saturday, May 28, 2011

Come follow us as we are "On The Road"

As a child I always enjoyed the CBS weekly report of Charles Kuralt "On The Road". Charles Kuralt Should Be Remembered. He gave us stories of hope and of unheralded heroes. His more than 600 episodes of "On the Road," filed from every state in America, punctuated the daily barrage of riots, wars and demonstrations on the nightly news. "Two-minute cease-fires," Time magazine called them. We should remember Charles Kuralt for his rich, mahogany voice and slow talking that brought us the relaxed pace of "Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt." And for his seven best-selling books. So many stories. So many memories. I do miss Kuralt.  But he was just one man “doing journalism” the way he thought it should be done.   

Being so inspired when we decided to complete a task on mothers bucket list by setting out on a journey in our motor-home to see the country as her and my father had planned all their life for their retirement years. As some may know my father Robert Wicker Sr. was taken from us a short 6 yrs after retirement and they were not able to ever take that trip. After Mother had her stroke in 2006 I decided when she was ready I was going to do everything possible for her to complete her wish. We are now on that journey and we are going to document our travel through our blog and hope we can make it at least half as good as Charles would report. Come follow us as we are on the road...

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  1. Hope you both are having the time of your life. We'll be following you and praying for safe travels. Love, Tom and Barb